AC/DC, DC/DC Power Modules

The hot-swappable AC/DC and DC/DC PSU modules are compatible with the EdgeRouter Infinity and UFiber OLT. The second module can be used as a backup to the primary PSU.

Models: RPS‑AC‑100W, RPS‑DC‑100W

Power Options

The UFiber OLT includes an AC/DC power module. You have the option to add a second AC/DC power module or use a DC/DC power module for DC power.

The EdgeRouter Infinity includes two AC/DC power modules. You have the option to substitute in a DC/DC power module.

Model Comparison

Input Voltage 100-240VAC 38-54VDC
Output Power 100W 100W
Operating Temperature -10 - +40 °C -10 - +50 °C
Operating Humidity 90 % Noncondensing 90 % Noncondensing