FCC Label Request

Certain Ubiquiti®devices operating in the 5 GHz spectrum have been approved under two licenses. These devices may be adapted by the operator to take advantage of either license.

Prior to June 2016, the upper 5 GHz band was covered under the DTS equipment code, with all other 5 GHz bands covered under the UNII equipment code. Ubiquiti shipped affected devices under the DTS equipment code, but allow the operator to adapt these devices to the UNII equipment code. This provides the flexibility to use a single product model for any of the available 5 GHz bands.

After June 2016, the upper 5 GHz band was moved from the DTS equipment code to the UNII equipment code. Ubiquiti has updated it's UNII licenses to include the DTS band, which is now known as UNII-3 under the revised UNII rules. One license now covers all available 5 GHz bands. Unfortunately, emission limits for the new "UNII-3" band are more restrictive than the old DTS rules. The FCC, realizing the impact of changing the specifications for existing product lines, has allowed us to "convert" our existing DTS licenses to the UNII equipment code and temporarily retain the old emissions limits. We are allowing the operator to operate under the general UNII license or a "high power" UNII-3 grant (which is the converted DTS grant).

In order to adapt your device from one license to another you must apply a sticker with the correct ID over the existing ID on the device. Second, you must enter an activation code into the software to effect the change in operation.

By completing this form, you agree that:

Agreement 1

It is the device owner's legal responsibility to ensure each device properly displays the correct FCC ID, clearly visible, and matching the operational configuration of the device. The device must ALWAYS operate within the limits of the license on the device itself.

Agreement 2

The device owner is legally responsible for understanding and following all FCC rules.

Agreement 3

Registrants may not share activation codes with other individuals or companies. Individual activation codes are assigned directly to registrants, and the activation code registrant may be held responsible if devices are found not in compliance with regulatory rules.

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AC Series