Ubiquiti Network Management System (beta)
Manage all of your EdgeMAX®, EdgeSwitch®, airMAX® and UFiber devices.

Centralized configuration, backups and firmware upgrades

Performance charts with real-time graphs

Outage notifications with detailed configuration

Map of your network sites and endpoints

The UNMS app is a convenient client application for installing airMAX devices.

Device discovery

airMAX device installation using the U-Installer

Antenna alignment

Configuration backup and sharing

Offline firmware upgrades

Customer Management System
Implement a streamlined billing and customer management system.

Credit card processing and automated recurring invoicing

Secure local installation

Database of customers, sites, and installed devices

Walled-garden option (you can suspend Internet access for nonpayment)

WiFiman App
WiFiman is ideal for analyzing nearby Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth LE devices, device discovery, and network speed tests.

Channel Location
WiFiman helps you locate a less crowded channel for your Wi-Fi Access Point

Device Analyzer
WiFiman scans the whole network subnet and shows you all of the available devices

Network Speed Test
You can test the speed of your internet connection