High Performance airMAX® ac Bridge

  • 450 Mbps+ real throughput
  • Superior processing with proprietary airMAX® ASIC engine
  • Revolutionary airPRISM filtering technology*
  • Next generation firmware technology featuring airOS7
  • Carrier Class airMAX AC antennas with significantly improved scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance
*airPrism on select models only

Performance Breakthrough

airMAX® ac products offer improved latency, noise immunity, scalability and significantly increased throughput performance.

Superior Processing

Ubiquiti's airMAX® engine with custom IC dramatically improves TDMA latency and network scalability. The custom silicon provides hardware acceleration capabilities to the airMAX scheduler, to support the high data rates and dense modulation used in airMAX ac technology.

Revolutionary Filtering Technology

Ubiquiti’s airPrism technology provides breakthrough radio selectivity in unlicensed wireless band performance. Our patented airPrism technology isolates signals within the operating channel and rejects interference to improve wireless performance in noisy, high-density areas.

Note: airPrism is available on select models only.

Advanced airOS Firmware

airOS® 7 is the next generation of Ubiquiti’s intuitive and versatile firmware technology. airOS® 7 now features dynamic configuration changes with enhanced device configuration (such as instant input validation), HTML5 technology, a persistent user interface, and optimization for mobile devices.

New Breakthrough RF Performance Antennas

The innovative airMAX® ac RocketDish and sector antennas feature significant advances in scalability, noise isolation, and beam performance to complement the airMAX® ac Rocket radios.