Ubiquiti Brand Protection

When you purchase a genuine Ubiquiti product, you can feel at ease that the product incorporates a tested official design, uses only high quality components, and has gone through extensive quality control procedures. Starting in 2012, in order to help customers ensure they are only using genuine Ubiquiti products, all products will have product verification mechanisms built in to the hardware & software.

Official Channels

All Ubiquiti products should be purchased through an official distributor or reseller. This helps ensure all products purchased are in fact genuine. Purchasing from the secondary market or non-authorized resellers poses a risk of obtaining counterfeit equipment, which Ubiquiti does not support. To locate an official reseller in your area, please visit: https://www.ui.com/purchase

Product Verification

Starting in 2012, and with airOS v5.5+, products have begun shipping with product verification indicators. These include a hologram logo on the product packaging, and a signed logo in the UI.

If a product is genuine, you will see the "GENUINE PRODUCT" logo:

If not, you will see a "COUNTERFEIT WARNING" logo:

If no logo appears, the device was likely manufactured prior to 2012.

Any suspicions about whether the products are genuine can be sent to Ubiquiti directly - support@ui.com.