Export Control Classification Numbers

Ubiquiti Inc. ("Ubiquiti") makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of the Export Control Classification Numbers. Any use of such classifications by the user is without recourse to Ubiquiti and its affiliates and is at the user's own risk. Ubiquiti is in no way responsible for any damages whether direct, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, suffered by the user as a result of using or relying upon such classifications, for any purpose whatsoever.

Item Product Name / Model ECCN
airFiber® AF-11FX 5A002
airFiber® AF-11FX-DUP-H 5A002
airFiber® AF-11FX-DUP-L 5A002
airFiber® AF-11FX-U 5A002
airFiber® AF-24 5A002
airFiber® AF-24-AR 5A002
airFiber® AF-24-BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-24(EU) 5A002
airFiber® AF-24HD 5A002
airFiber® AF-24HD-AR 5A002
airFiber® AF-24HD-BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-24HD-EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-24HD-US 5A002
airFiber® AF-24(US) 5A002
airFiber® AF-24(US)-R 5A002
airFiber® AF-2G24-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-2X 5A002
airFiber® AF-2X-BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-2X-EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-2X-US 5A002
airFiber® AF-3G26-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-3X 5A002
airFiber® AF-3X-BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-3X-EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-3X-U 5A002
airFiber® AF-3X-US 5A002
airFiber® AF-4X 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 AR 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-5G23-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-5G30-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-5G34-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-5G-OMT-S45 5A002
airFiber® AF-5U 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 U 5A002
airFiber® AF-5U AR 5A002
airFiber® AF-5U EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-5 US 5A002
airFiber® AF-5U U 5A002
airFiber® AF-5U US 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X-AR 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X-BR 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X-EU 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X-U 5A002
airFiber® AF-5X-US 5A002
airFiber® AF-5XHD 5A002
airFiber® AF-MPX4 5A002
airFiber® AF-MPX8 5A002
AmpliFi AFi 5A992
AmpliFi AFi-HD 5A992
AmpliFi AFi-LR 5A992
AmpliFi AFi-P-HD-RM 5A992
AmpliFi AFi-R 5A992
AmpliFi AFi-R-EU 5A992
airGrid® AG-HP-2G16 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G16 AR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G16 BR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G16 EU 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G16 US 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G20 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G20 AR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G20 BR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G20 EU 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-2G20 US 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G23 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G23 AR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G23 BR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G23 EU 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G23 US 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G27 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G27 AR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G27 BR 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G27 EU 5A002
airGrid® AG-HP-5G27 US 5A002
airGrid® AGM5-HP-1114+ NP 5A002
airGrid® AGM5-HP-1724+ NP 5A002
airGrid® AG-PRO-INS 5A002
airCam® airCam EAR99
airCam® airCam-3 EAR99
airCam® airCam-3(EU) EAR99
airCam® airCam-Dome EAR99
airCam® airCam-Dome-3 EAR99
airCam® airCam-Dome-3(EU) EAR99
airCam® airCam-Dome-BR EAR99
airCam® airCam-Dome(EU) EAR99
airCam® airCam(EU) EAR99
airCam® airCam-Mini EAR99
airGateway airGateway 5A002
airGateway airGateway-LR 5A002
airRouter airRouter 5A992
airRouter airRouter(EU) 5A992
airRouter airRouter-HP 5A992
airRouter airRouter-HP-AR 5A992
airRouter airRouter-HP(EU) 5A992
airRouter airRouter-HP(US) 5A992
airRouter airRouter(US) 5A992
airVision® airVision-C EAR99
airVision® airVision-C EU EAR99
airMax airMax_TRN 5A002
airMax AM-2G15-120 EAR99
airMax AM-2G16-90 EAR99
airMax AM-3G18-120 EAR99
airMax AM-5AC21-60 EAR99
airMax AM-5AC22-45 EAR99
airMax AM-5G16-120 EAR99
airMax AM-5G17-90 EAR99
airMax AM-5G19-120 EAR99
airMax AM-5G20-90 EAR99
airMax AM-9M13-120 EAR99
airMax AMG-PRO 5A002
airMax AM-M-V5G-Ti EAR99
airMax AMO-2G10 EAR99
airMax AMO-2G13 EAR99
airMax AMO-3G12 EAR99
airMax AMO-5G10 EAR99
airMax AMO-5G13 EAR99
airMax AM-V2G-Ti EAR99
airMax AM-V5G-Ti EAR99
airMax AMY-9M16x2 EAR99
Bullet® BM2-Ti 5A002
Bullet® BM2-Ti-BR 5A002
Bullet® BM2-Ti(EU) 5A002
Bullet® BM2-Ti(US) 5A002
Bullet® BM5-Ti 5A002
Bullet® BM5-Ti(EU) 5A002
Bullet® BM5-Ti(US) 5A002
Bullet® Bullet2 5A002
Bullet® Bullet2-H 5A002
Bullet® Bullet2-H(US) 5A002
Bullet® Bullet2(US) 5A002
Bullet® Bullet5 5A002
Bullet® Bullet5(US) 5A002
Bullet® BulletM2-HP 5A002
Bullet® BulletM2-HP(US) 5A002
Bullet® BulletM5-HP 5A002
Bullet® BulletM5-HP(US) 5A002
Dream Router UDR 5A992
Dream Router UDR-AU 5A992
Dream Router UDR-EU 5A992
Dream Router UDR-JP 5A992
Dream Router UDR-TW 5A992
Dream Router UDR-UK 5A992
Dream Router UDR-US 5A992
EdgePoint® Router EP-R6 5A002
EdgePoint® Router EP-R8 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-4 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-6P 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-8 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-8-AR 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-8(EU) 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-8-XG 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-10X​​ 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-12 5A002
EdgeRouter ERLite-3 5A002
EdgeRouter ERLite-3-AR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERLite-3-BR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERLite-3(EU) 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPoe-5 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPoe-5-AR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPoe-5-BR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPoe-5(EU) 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPro-8 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPro-8-AR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPro-8-BR 5A002
EdgeRouter ERPro-8(EU) 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-BR 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-EU 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP-AR 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP-BR 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP-EU 5A002
EdgeRouter ER-X-SFP-U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-16-150W 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-16-150W-AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-16-150W-EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-16-150W-U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W BR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-250W U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-500W 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-500W AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-500W EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-500W U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-Lite 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-Lite-AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-Lite-BR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-Lite-EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-24-Lite-U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W BR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-500W U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-750W 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-750W AR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-750W BR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-750W EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-750W U 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-Lite 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-Lite-BR 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-Lite-EU 5A002
EdgeSwitch ES-48-Lite-U 5A002
Ethernet Surge Protector ETH-SP EAR99
Instant INS-8023AF-I EAR99
Instant INS-8023AF-O EAR99
Dish ISO-BEAM-620 EAR99
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120-AR 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120-BR 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120-EU 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120-U 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-16-120-US 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-23 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-23-EU 5A002
LightBeam LBE-5AC-23-US 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-AR 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-BR 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-DISH 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-EU 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-FEED 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-U 5A002
LightBeam LBE-M5-23-US 5A002
NanoStation® Loco2 5A002
NanoStation® Loco2-BR 5A002
NanoStation® Loco2(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® Loco2(US) 5A002
NanoStation® Loco5 5A002
NanoStation® Loco5-BR 5A002
NanoStation® Loco5(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® Loco5(US) 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2-AR 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2-BR 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2(EU) 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2-U 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM2(US) 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5-AR 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5-BR 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5-BRA 5A002
Loco LocoM5-ETH 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5(EU) 5A002
Loco LocoM5-U 5A002
NanoLoco LocoM5(US) 5A002
Loco LocoM9 5A002
Loco LocoM9-AR 5A002
Loco LocoM9-BR 5A002
Loco LocoM9(EU) 5A002
Mounting Bracket MB-1114+ EAR99
Mounting Bracket MB-1724+ EAR99
mFi® mFi-CS 5A002
mFi® mFi-DS 5A002
mFi® mFi-LD 5A002
mFi® mFi-LD-W 5A002
mFi® mFi-MPW 5A002
mFi® mFi-MPW-W 5A002
mFi® mFi-MSC 5A002
mFi® mFi-MSW 5A002
mFi® mFi-THS 5A002
mFi® mPower 5A002
mFi® mPower(EU) 5A002
mFi® mPower-Mini 5A002
mFi® mPower-Mini(EU) 5A002
mFi® mPower-Pro 5A002
mFi® mPower-Pro(EU) 5A002
mPort® mPort 5A002
mPort® mPort(EU) 5A002
mPort® mPort-S 5A002
mPort® mPort-S(EU) 5A002
Embedded Products - MiniStation Mini Station 5A002
NanoStation® NanoMount 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G22 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G22(EU) 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G22(US) 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G25 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G25(EU) 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-5G25(US) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-16 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-16-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-16-EU 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-16-U 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-16-US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-19 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-19-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-19-BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-19-EU 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-5AC-19-US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13-BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13-EU 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13-U 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-13-US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-400 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-400-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-400(EU) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M2-400(US) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 EU 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16-Mount 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16-RDO 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 U 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-16 US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 EU 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19-Mount 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19-RDO 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 U 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-19 US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-300 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-300-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-300-BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-300(EU) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-300(US) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-400 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-400-AR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-400-BR 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-400(EU) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5-400(US) 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5AC-500 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-M5AC-500 US 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-RAD-400 5A002
NanoBeam® NBE-WMK 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM3 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM365 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM365(EU) 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM3-AR 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM3-BR 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM3(EU) 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM5-Feed 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM5-Feed(US) 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM9 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM9-AR 5A002
NanoBridge® NBM9(EU) 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-OD3 5A002
NanoBridge® NB-OD9 5A002
NanoStation® NS2 5A002
NanoStation® NS2-BR 5A002
NanoStation® NS2(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® NS5(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM2 5A002
NanoStation® NSM2-AR 5A002
NanoStation® NSM2(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM2(RU) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM2(US) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM3 5A002
NanoStation® NSM365 5A002
NanoStation® NSM3-AR 5A002
NanoStation® NSM3-BR 5A002
NanoStation® NSM3(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5-AR 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5-BR 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5(EU) 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5-U 5A002
NanoStation® NSM5(US) 5A002
NanoStation® NS-WM 5A002
Precision Alignment Kit PAK-620 EAR99
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-ISO 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-ISO-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-ISO-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-ISO-U 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-ISO-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-300-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-ISO 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-ISO-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-ISO-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-ISO-U 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-ISO-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-400-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500-U 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-500-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620-U 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-5AC-620-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M2-400 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M2-400-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M2-400-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M2-400-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M2-400-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-DISH 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-FEED 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-ISO 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-ISO-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-ISO-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-ISO-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-300-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-AR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-DISH 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-FEED 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-ISO 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-ISO-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-ISO-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-ISO-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-400-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-620 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-620-BR 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-620-EU 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-M5-620-US 5A002
PowerBeam® PBE-RAD-400 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM10 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM10-AR 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM10-BR 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM10-Dish 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM10(EU) 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM3 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM365 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM365(EU) 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM3-AR 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM3(EU) 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM5 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM5-AR 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM5(EU) 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM5-U 5A002
PowerBridge® PBM5(US) 5A002
PicoStation® Pico2 5A002
PicoStation® Pico2(EU) 5A002
PicoStation® Pico2-H 5A002
PicoStation® Pico2-H(EU) 5A002
PicoStation® Pico2-H(US) 5A002
PicoStation® PicoM2-H 5A002
PicoStation® PicoM2-H-AR 5A002
PicoStation® PicoM2-H-BR 5A002
PicoStation® PicoM2-H(EU) 5A002
PicoStation® PicoM2-H(US) 5A002
POE POE-15-12W EAR99
POE POE-15-12W(EU) EAR99
POE POE-24-12W EAR99
POE POE-24-12W(EU) EAR99
POE POE-24-12W-G EAR99
POE POE-24-24W EAR99
POE POE-24-24W(EU) EAR99
POE POE-24-24W-G EAR99
POE POE-24-30W EAR99
POE POE-48-24W EAR99
POE POE-48-24W(EU) EAR99
POE POE-48-24W-G EAR99
POE POE-50-60W EAR99
POE POE-50-60W(EU) EAR99
Power Cord Power cord(EU) EAR99
PowerStation PS5-22V(EU) 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite-AR 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite-BR 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite-EU 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite-U 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-Lite-US 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTMP 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTMP-AR 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTMP-EU 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTMP-U 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTMP-US 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP-AR 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP-BR 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP-EU 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP-U 5A002
Rocket® R5AC-PTP-US 5A002
Rocket® RAD-RD2 5A002
Rocket® RAD-RD3 5A002
Rocket® RD-2G24 5A002
Rocket® RD-3G26 EAR99
Rocket® RD-5G30 EAR99
Rocket® RD-5G30-FEED 5A002
Rocket® RD-5G30-LW 5A002
Rocket® RD-5G31-AC 5A002
Rocket® RD-5G34 EAR99
Rocket® RM2-Ti 5A002
Rocket® RM2-Ti(EU) 5A002
Rocket® RM2-Ti(US) 5A002
Rocket® RM5-AC-PTP-Lite 5A002
Rocket® RM5-Ti 5A002
Rocket® RM5-Ti-BR 5A002
Rocket® RM5-Ti(EU) 5A002
Rocket® RM5-Ti(US) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM2 5A002
Rocket® RocketM2-AR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM2-BR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM2(EU) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM2(US) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM3 5A002
Rocket® RocketM365 5A002
Rocket® RocketM3-AR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM3-BR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM3(EU) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5-AR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5-BR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5(EU) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5-NP 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5-U 5A002
Rocket® RocketM5(US) 5A002
Rocket® RocketM9 5A002
Rocket® RocketM9-AR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM9-BR 5A002
Rocket® RocketM9(EU) 5A002
Cable Accessories SM-CC EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-CM EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-EC-NA EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-JC-4C EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-MA EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-MI-250 EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-PC EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-RM-C EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-RM-T EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-SP-250W-DC EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-SP-260W-DC-STD EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-SP-260W-DC-US EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-TC-1P EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-TC-2P EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-TC-L EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-YC-L4 EAR99
Cable Accessories SM-YC-P4 EAR99
Embedded Products - SR SR2 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SR71-15 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SR71-A 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SR71-E 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SR71-M25 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SR71-USB 5A002
Embedded Products - SR SRC 5A002
ToughCable TC-Carrier EAR99
ToughCable TC-Con EAR99
ToughCable TC-GND EAR99
ToughCable TC-Pro EAR99
ToughSwitch® TS-16-Carrier 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-16-Carrier-AR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-16-Carrier-BR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-16-Carrier(EU) 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-5-POE 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-5-POE-AR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-5-POE-BR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-5-POE(EU) 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-8-PRO 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-8-PRO-AR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-8-PRO-BR 5A002
ToughSwitch® TS-8-PRO(EU) 5A002
UFiber UF-NANO 5A002
UFiber UF-OLT 5A002
UniFi®AP UAP 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-3 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-3-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-3-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-3(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-3(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-3 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-3-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-3(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-3-U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-3(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-LITE-5 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-LR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-LR-5 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-LR-5-EU 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-LR-5-US 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor-U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC Outdoor(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-PRO-5 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-PRO-5-US 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC-U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AC(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-BRA 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-IW 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-IW-5 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-IW-5-US 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-IW-US 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-3 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-3-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-3(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-3-U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-3(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-MK 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR-U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-LR(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-MK 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-NP 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor-5 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor-5-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor-5-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor-5(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor-5(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ EU 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ U 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Outdoor+ US 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-3 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-3-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-3-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-3(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-3(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-AR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro-BR 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro CN 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro(EU) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP-Pro(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UAP(US) 5A992
UniFi®AP UWB-XG 5A002
UniFi®AP UWB-XG-EU 5A002
UniFi®AP UWB-XG-JP 5A002
UniFi®AP UWB-XG-US 5A002
UniFi® Dimmer Switch UDIM-AT EAR99
UniFi® Led ULED-AT EAR99
UniFi®Switch US‑16‑150W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-16-XG 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-250W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-250W-AR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-250W-BR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-250W-EU 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-250W-U 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-500W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-500W-AR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-500W-BR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-500W-EU 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-24-500W-U 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-500W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-500W-AR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-500W-EU 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-500W-U 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-750W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-750W-AR 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-750W-EU 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-48-750W-U 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-8 5A002
UniFi®Switch US8150W 5A002
UniFi®Switch US-8-60W 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-AR 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-EU 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-PRO-4 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-PRO-4-AR 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-PRO-4-EU 5A002
UniFi® Security Gateway USG-U 5A002
UniFi® Video Camera UVC EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-3 EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-3 AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-3 BR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-3 EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-3 U EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC BR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome-3 EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome-3 AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome-3 EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome-3 U EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Dome U EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-3 EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-3-BR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-3-EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-3-U EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-BR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Micro-U EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-NVR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-NVR-AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-NVR-BR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-NVR-EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Pro EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Pro AR EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Pro-C EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Pro EU EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC-Pro-M EAR99
UniFi® Video Camera UVC U EAR99
UniFi® VOIP Phone UVP 5A992
UniFi® VOIP Phone UVP-Executive 5A992
UniFi® VOIP Phone UVP-Pro 5A992
Universal Antenna Mount UB-AM EAR99
Cloud Key Remote Control UC-CK 5A992
Fiber Modules and Cabling UF-MM-10G EAR99
Fiber Modules and Cabling UF-MM-1G EAR99
Fiber Modules and Cabling UF-SM-10G EAR99
Fiber Modules and Cabling UF-SM-10G-S EAR99
Fiber Modules and Cabling UF-SM-1G-S EAR99
Embedded Products - WispStation WS5 5A002
Embedded Products - WispStation WSM5 5A002
Embedded Products - XR XR2 5A002
Embedded Products - XR XR3 5A002
Embedded Products - XR XR5 5A002
Embedded Products - XR XR9 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-EU 5A992
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-JP 5A992
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-TW 5A992
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-UK 5A992
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-US 5A992
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-AR 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-AU 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-BR 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-EU 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-JP 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-U 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-UK 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-SE-US 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-AR 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-AU 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-BR 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-EU 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-U 5A002
UniFi® Dream Machine UDM-Pro-UK 5A002